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    The project uses Programmable XBee connected to a relay. When appropriate signal is received, the relay is operated for 125ms signaling the connected device to operate. To control this device through iPhone "Home" app the following full setup is used:

    graph LR iPhone --> Apple[Apple Servers] Apple --> Home[Home Router] Home --> AppleTV AppleTV -->RaspberryPi RaspberryPi --> XBee[XBee Coordinator] XBee --> XBee-Trigger

    Potentially with SmartThings:

    graph LR iPhone --> STServers[SmartThings Servers] STServers --> Home[Home Router] Home --> SmartThings SmartThings --> XBee-Trigger

    For the latter flow to work, the XBee-Trigger would need to operate as a standard ZigBee HA device so that it would successfully pair with SmartThings Hub. Some additional discovery work is needed to understand what is needed to make this work.

  • 4 channel relay circuit driven by pxbee-trigger

    $This is \tex code$
    \(This is \tex code\)

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