Goodbye Confluence

Goodbye Confluence

It all started simple enough, a simple wiki to host different projects and experiments. Among all the other great functionality for the time, It also had a "News" feature that at a later date evolved into a blog.

But The Times They Are A Changin', so it's been a fun experiment with some takeaways:

  1. Blogs are fun, even if no one reads them but yourself - the magical number of 7 limits our working memory capacity. It's fun to look back even a year or two to see what felt important at the time, triggering different emotions as you look back - both good and bad.

  2. Stick to one language. I scribbled stuff in Estonian but even when writing just for myself, it felt out of place. As English isn't my native tongue, I don't have to feel embarrassed when looking back at all the awful spelling mistakes i did ;)

  3. Archive and move on. I think that was the hardest part. A collection of something that hold marginal value only to yourself. Software entropy at work is good motivation to make the switch, but it's emotionally hard to break away from something old to something new. Still, it's a beneficial and needed exercise to do just that!

Confluence Blog statistics:

  • Total entries: 38
  • Time in service: (4th of May) 2008-2016 (24th of April)
  • Shutdown: 2016-11-17